"Price Spectre"
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Pricing Logic

The following steps occur once per pricing cycle per managed listing:

1) Initial search is performed if the option "Perform Search Automatically" was selected.

2) The PS object "ps" is created. This is the object the user-defined script interfaces with. Variables x and y are also set if specified.

3) User-defined script is executed. In order to set a new total price PS::setPrice() must be executed.

4) If an exception was thrown, then execution stops and an error message is sent to the user.

5) "No competition found" check is performed.

5a) If no competitors were found and PS::overrideNoCompetitionFound() was not called, then the new total price is changed according to the behavior "No competition found".

5b) Otherwise, the new total price is passed through the Baťa pricing filter if Baťa pricing is enabled.

6) The new total price is then passed through the floor and ceiling price filter to ensure it meets these constraints.

7) Finally the total price of the listing is set to the new total price.

Pricing Logic