Frequently Asked Questions

What is Price Spectre?

Price Spectre is an automated pricing agent for eBay sellers. Price Spectre automatically monitors your competitors' listings and reprices your own listings based on rules you've set. Dynamic pricing can give you an edge over the competition.

How does Price Spectre find my competitor's listings?

For each managed listing, Price Spectre requires search parameters to be defined. This is basically an advanced search similar to the one found on eBay. Price Spectre uses the listings found via the search parameters when updating your prices.

Isn't this process time consuming?

To make the setup process quicker you can set default search parameters for everything except for keywords. If the item is in eBay's product catalog and you listed it using a UPC or ISBN number then Price Spectre will automatically import this along with the item's condition.

If you sell common items (media, books, etc) you could potentially have every listing automatically set up for you at listing time.

What happens when I list a new item?

When listing a new item it will automatically appear within Price Spectre. If you have any default settings they will then be applied to the listing.

What about when I relist an item?

When you list an item we automatically try to match it with your ended listings. If we find a match we'll use the same information you gave us for the original item. To take advantage of this feature you must relist within 30 days and must use the same title. Note: If you are using a third party tool to manage your listings it may not properly relist your listings. If you find that your listings are not being matched on relist, enable the setting called "Relaxed Relist". This setting will assume the most recently listed item with the same title and SKU is the original listing regardless if eBay has it marked as the original or not. Do not use this setting if you have multiple listings with the same title and sku.

What pricing strategy does Price Spectre use?

The seller has several to choose from. Initially Price Spectre comes with algorithms that price based on undercutting the lowest or nth lowest price available, charging a premium over the lowest or nth lowest price available, and charging based on the average price. Another algorithm undercuts the nth lowest price available while making sure your price places your listing on the first page. More pricing strategies are planned for the future including ones that take into effect the recent performance of the listing at various price points.

Users can also define their own custom algorithms using Price Spectre's algorithm editor. Custom algorithms are written in the javascript language. See our HTML or PDF documentation for details.

How does Price Spectre make sure I don't sell below my cost?

Price Spectre requires that every managed item have a floor price set. Price Spectre will never set the price of your item below that amount. Floor prices should be set to the lowest price a seller feels comfortable selling their item.

Won't this just lower my prices and shrink my profits?

While many of our initially released pricing strategies are based on the lowest prices this does not mean the seller's price will drop. Ultimately, prices will fluctuate based on market conditions. Our future performance based strategy will be based on maximizing profits over a period of time.

How often do you adjust my prices?

Managed listings have their prices adjusted several times per day. Premium Points can be used to adjust repricing frequency to as often as once every 15 minutes. Standard repricing frequency is based on 4 hour intervals though this time may change at any time without notice.

Do I have to let Price Spectre adjust my prices?

No. You are not required to have every listing managed. Also Price Spectre has a manual repricing mode which will send you an email alert whenever new price recommendations are found. This allows you to accept or deny any price changes. This option is useful when you don't want to leave your repricing to a fully automated system.

How much does this service cost?

Every new user is given a seven day free trial to evaluate our service. See our fee schedule for a list of costs.

What are premium points?

Premium Points can be purchased by power users to unlock premium features of Price Spectre. Each premium feature comes with its own monthly cost in Premium Points. Premium features currently include repricing frquency, an exempt sellers search parameter, and performing more than one search in a custom algorithm.

Do you need my eBay password?

No, we use the eBay API which is the official method for third party developers to access eBay accounts. You will only need to generate a token giving us authority to access your account during our linking process.

What personal information do you collect?

When creating an account with us we will collect your name, email address, country, state, and postal code. All other information will be optional. It is highly recommended that you don't use your eBay password when creating your account.