Deprecation of eBay Apps Center

On August 31st eBay sent a notice to developers that the eBay App Center will be closing in November. Billing will cease after the next invoices run on September 15th and October 1st with the embedded application ceasing to function in November. At this time no action is required of our users. Existing users should not reregister with our service as all App Center subscribers already have an account on our website.

In order to access our external application simply logout from our website and perform a Forgot Password using your eBay username with “sma-” prepended. For example if your eBay username were ebayuser1 then your username would be sma-ebayuser1.

We anticipate having a new billing system up and running during the 2nd or 3rd week of September. Expect an email requesting payment details through our Chargebee portal. If you do not receive one please visit our billing page.

Users who would like to try out our service who do not have an active subscription can register at

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