New Billing Platform

Today we officially launch our new billing platform for use with Price Spectre. Subscribers will now receive and pay for all invoices through this new system rather than paying via PayPal directly.

What is staying the same:

  • fees

  • Premium points

  • PayPal

  • Invoices are sent on the 1st of every month

What is changing:

  • Payments will now be collected automatically for non eBay App Center subscribers.

  • Invoices can now be paid through credit card directly.

  • All App Center subscribers who receive invoices on the 15th will now receive them on the 1st.  Your first invoice in the system will cover 1.5 months as a result.

Outstanding invoices generated through our legacy system must still be paid at . Outstanding invoices generated through eBay’s App Center must still be paid through eBay. However no new invoices will be generated via either system.

App Center subscribers will have their accounts automatically migrated over the next few days.

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